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Philips India is an Indian healthcare and electronics company, a national unit established by Royal Phillips of the Netherlands in 1930. The company began by importing sales lamps from abroad, and now it has become synonymous with trust and brand in electronic products in India. Philips now provides lighting, audio wearables, healthcare products, and high-tech medical instruments for MRI, CT, diagnostic monitoring, defibrillator, etc. 

The conglomerate is a global company, and Philips share price currently is 15.97 EUR. However, its subsidiary, Philips India, is active in India and listed on BSE. The company operates with a motto of thinking out of the box and stepping into revolutionary technology; therefore, Philips share price always stays in trend.

Philips India Share Price Overview

2022 was a disappointing year for Phillips in terms of performance, decreasing its net worth by 4.91 %. However, the health tech giant remains popular in business and attracts buyers. If you wish to know about Philips India share price to know if buying Phillips shares is profitable, we have provided an overview of the company’s performance below. 

Currently, Philips India share price BSE is Rs. 104.05, higher than the opening of Rs. 99.75. The company’s revenue was over Rs. 5 billion. The company claims to be debt-free and has a return of 11.68% on equity. By the end of the year, the company’s assets decreased by 0.82%, with fixed assets reduced by 1.99%. 

Why Buy Philips India Shares?

The company performed exceptionally well in its Pre- IPO stage. Moreover, Philips India and Philips have bright prospects because of the company’s ongoing research in different R&D centres worldwide. If you want to invest in a firm that is future-proof and has the potential to bring out revolutionary products, Philips India is a good choice. 

How To Apply For Philips India Shares Online?

Buying Philips shares is hassle-free and easy at Stockify. We regularly update key performance insights of Philips share in the market and provide analysis of revenue size growth, change in EPS, EBITDA reports, etc. Feel free to go through these indicators. If you would like to buy Philips shares, connect with our experts, and they will provide you with guidance like current market performance, the data and trends to look for and the beneficial investments you can make. 

Know Philips India Share Price Today at Stockify

The real-time price of Philips India at BSE is Rs. 104.5. The brand opened at Rs. 99.75 while its previous closing was Rs. 104.5, which it has achieved again today. Today it reported a high of Rs. 105.45 and a low of Rs. 99.00. Philips India is performing exceptionally well on BSE with stable performance and hints of growth. 

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Yes, buying and selling Philips shares are legal activities under the constitution of India. The electronic and healthcare tech company.
No, Philips India is a public limited company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The company was founded in 1930 in Kolkata and stayed unlisted for almost 70 years. However, right now, it is a listed company.
No, Phillips and Philips India are public limited companies listed after successful Initial Public Offerings. Therefore, the shares of these companies are live and available to the public to buy and sell.
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