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About Zerodha Unlisted Shares

Zerodha is a Bengaluru-based online discount broking and trading firm founded by Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath in 2010. It is a financial service company registered with the Security Exchange Board of India(SEBI) and a member of NSE, BSE, and MCX-SX). 

Zerodha offers a wide range of financial services to retail investors, including trading in stocks, commodities, currency derivatives, mutual funds, and more. The company charges a low brokerage fee and is known as India’s most transparent stock broker.

With an active client base of 6.3 million, Zerodha is one of the profitable fintech startups that turned into a unicorn. Zerodha is a privately held company offering its pre-IPO shares for trading in the unlisted share market. This page will give you complete details of Zerodha share price, business performance, and other metrics.

An Overview of Zerodha Business Model

Zerodha works on a “low margin and high volume business model and charges minimal brokerage fees from the investors. In addition, Zerodha managed to keep low operational costs compared to its competitors, making its business model profitable. 

TrustX Internet Private Ltd

Zerodha provides computer software services, including cloud computing services and other information technology services.

Zerodha Asset Management Private Ltd(ZAMPL)

The company is incorporated as Asset Management for the mutual fund schemes of Zerodha. In this, companies manage the assets of the firms.


Zerodha also engaged in the business of investing in organisations that work to restore the environment through direct environment policy and action.

Revenue Sources of Zerodha

You might be curious to know how Zerodha makes most of its money. The company doesn’t have a straightforward revenue model. The major revenue of Zerodha comes from trading activities. With millions of active clients, the company earns revenue through brokerage fees. 

It charges 0.03% for intraday equity trade and each Future and Options (F&O). Zerodha’s brokerage fee is lower than the other trading platforms, which helps it get new clients every year. Apart from this, the company also charges Rs 300 annually from retail investors for account maintenance. Since the volume of transactions on Zerodha is large, it generates most of its revenue via brokerage fees.

Investments Made By Zerodha

Zerodha invests indirectly via an incubated Indian Fintech startup named “Rainmatter.” Till now, it has made a total of 11 investments, out of which 7 are the lead investments. 

  • Rainmatter Invested INR 16Mn in GrowFix on 28 January 2021 in a seed fund rounding.
  • INR 100Mn invested in ERPNext on 24 November, 2o20 in a venture round.
  • On 9 September 2020, Rainmatter invested INR 27Mn in Walnut Knowledge Solutions in a seed funding round.
  • It invested INR 3.7Mn in GoldenPi on 18 June 2020.

Zerodha Financial Performance In The Unlisted Share Market

The performance of Zerodha in the unlisted share market remained positive, reflecting the Zerodha share price. The price chart of its unlisted shares improved over the last few years. The company recorded positive growth in operating revenue and profit after tax.

The operating revenue of Zerodha increased from Rs 4,964 crore to Rs 6,875 crore during FY 22-23. Zerodha recorded a revenue growth of 38.5% over these fiscal years. However, the company’s operating revenue in FY21 was just Rs 2,729 crore.


In addition, the Profit After Tax(PAT) of Zerodha also recorded a growth of 38.8% from Rs 2,094 crore in FY22 and Rs 2,907 crore in FY23. The company also grew positive in other financial metrics like EBITDA and net profit and kept its business expenses and cash burn minimum. The effects of the positive financials can be seen in the Zerodha share price, which grew and is currently at Rs 1900 per equity share.

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FAQ On Zerodha Unlisted Shares

The lock-in period of Zerodha pre-IPO shares is six months. For more info about the lock-in period, connect with our experts.
You can buy or sell Zerodha pre-IPO shares online with the help of Stockify. Our team of unlisted shares brokers guides retail investors with each step.
As per the market data, Zerodha share price in India is Rs 1900 per equity share. The share price is subject to the company’s performance and market conditions. Subscribe to Stockify to check the updated Zerodha unlisted share price.
Buying or selling pre-IPO shares is 100% legal in India. You can start trading unlisted shares of Zerodha and other companies using Stockify.
As per the information shared by Zerodha’s founder, Nithin Kamath, the company’s current market valuation is Rs 30,000 crore.
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