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Empire Spices and Foods Ltd is a food product company in India that produces and sells a variety of spices, pickles, and snacks across the nation. The company started with Ram Bandhu Masale in Nashik, Maharashtra and was later established as Empire Spices and Foods Ltd in 1994. The company is a great advocate of quality and innovation. Empire Spices and Foods Ltd has a comprehensive portfolio that includes brands like RBM, Temptin, Zaiqa, Spice One, and Ram Bandhu and is present in 8 states in central and west India. The company’s increasing popularity in spices and pickles has made retailers curious about Empire Industries share price.

Empire Industries Share Price Overview

The company is performing exceptionally well in terms of profits and revenue. It is no wonder that investors are interested in the Food Empire share price. Currently, the Empire share price is Rs. 460. On Stockify, we regularly update the changing price of Empire Spices and Foods Ltd share so that you can visit here for accurate time information. 

Why Buy Empire Spices and Foods Ltd Unlisted Share?

There are good reasons that Empire Spices and Foods Ltd will continue its outstanding growth over the past decade. Since its inception, the company has exponentially expanded from a town to multiple Indian states and into several brands. Empire Spices and Foods Ltd now has Rs. 239 Crore of income in FY2022, and a net profit of Rs 13.14 Crore. Its extensive product portfolio increases its chances of survival in adverse conditions and gives customers a handful of options. The company is now growing its online presence through advertisements and websites, which support its growth. 

Moreover, investing in a spice company is a good option, as India is the largest exporter of spices in the world. According to various forecasts, the spice market is predicted to grow by a CAGR of 4.67% by 2029.  Therefore, if you want a long-term profit option, you can buy unlisted shares of Empire Spices and Foods Ltd. 

How to apply for Empire Spices and Foods Ltd Unlisted Shares online?

If you plan to invest in the unlisted share of Empire Spices and Foods Ltd, you should look at the statistics on our page. On Stockify, we list several key indicators that describe a company’s performance in the stock market, like EBITDA margin reports, revenue growth, net profit and loss, EPS growth, share price, etc. The data will give you a good overview of the company’s position in the market.

To start investing, all you have to do is to connect with our experts. They will help you start investing in unlisted shares, brief you on the stock situation in the market and also elaborate on the lot size safe for investing. These experts provide real-time guidance and support, making stock trading effortless.

Check Empire Industries Unlisted Share Price today at Stockify

Share price is a dynamic value and keeps changing every second when the stock market is active. Currently, the price of Empire Spices and Foods Ltd unlisted shares is Rs. 460. You can count on Stockify for real-time share prices as we update share prices every day on our website. Therefore, when you want to check Empire share price next time, just open Stockify. Moreover, buy unlisted shares without delay on our online portal, all you need to do is log in it. 

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Frequently asked questions on Empire Spices and Foods Ltd Unlisted Share

While there is no exact data on it since there have been no updates about the Empire Spices and Foods Ltd IPO, the company is showing an outstanding performance. Judging from its growth rate, the share price can climb high, so investing now can bring good returns on the stock.
Buying and selling unlisted shares of Empire Spices and Foods Ltd shares is legally recognised in India.
Stockify is one of the leading unlisted share trading companies in India. If you are looking to sell out Empire Spices and Foods LTD’s unlisted shares you can connect with our trusted unlisted share brokers.
In just the last 5 years, unlisted shares have become quite popular among all sorts of investors as a result of the fact that the ticket size has reduced from usual. Talking about the ticket size of Empire Spices and Foods LTD., it would be between 30-35K.
Once listed on the stock exchange, the shares you purchased as Unlisted Shares will be taxed as listed shares. So the regular taxes of the stock market will be applicable from the date of purchasing unlisted shares.
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