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About Incred Financial Services

Incred Financial Services is an Indian non-banking financial service that provides services like personal, consumer, and SME business loans. The company was founded by  Bhupinder Singh. The company has received various funding rounds from business entities like Paragon Partners, Alpha Capital, and IDFC PE. Incred Financial Services has lent money to over 350,000 individuals and businesses and impacted 13,000 firms. Moreover, it proudly claims to have financed over 5000 students and 10000 digital merchants. It is not a surprise that retail investors are eager to invest in Incred Financial Services, which shows good growth potential. Therefore, Incred Financial Services unlisted shares have become a good investment option. 

Incorporated in 1991, Incred Financial Services Ltd is registered at the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai. Using technology and data science, the company provides quick lending services to its customers. 

Business Segments of Incred Financial Services

Incred has shown major growth in the last few years and has become one of the fastest-growing financial services providers. It directly affected Incred Financial Services share price, which also increased and proved a profitable investment option. The different business segments of the company are as follows:


  • Personal loans
  • Digital MSME loans
  • Merchant Loan
  • Education


Incred Financial Services Unlisted Share Overview

Incred Financial Services Unlisted Share Price Overview

Incred Financial Services’s share price has consistently grown since September 2021. The company has not filed DRHP, and its stocks remain active in the unlisted market. The share price of Incred Financial Services saw a sudden surge at the beginning of 2023. They have taken to a stable and show slow growth trends. Therefore,  Incred Financial Services Shares are a good investment opportunity for traders seeking good returns.

In addition, Incred Financial Services also showed positive growth in the recent financial year. Let’s take a look at a quick comparison of Incred financial report:


Particulars (in Rs cr.) FY 2023 FY 2022
Net revenue 864 488
Operating cost 258 242
EBITDA 606 245
Profit Before Tax(PBT) 207 48
Finance costs 355 219
Profit for period 121.8 36.12


As you can see from the above table, Incred Financial Services recorded good growth in various financial metrics. This is why Incred financial services share price also increased during this period. According to the forecasted data, the performance of Incred Financial Services’ unlisted shares will continue to perform well, bringing investors good returns on investment.

Why Buy Incred Financial Services Unlisted Shares?

Incred Financial Services announced revenue of more than Rs. 5 billion in FY2022. Moreover, since 2018, the company’s revenue has grown more than four times and is telling the story of a progressive company. Investing early in a company that is expected to grow is a good choice. Therefore, experts recommend buying unlisted shares of Incred Financial Services. 

In July 2022, KKR India Financial Services and InCred Financial Services merged, combining their lending businesses. The merger made Incred Finance an enterprise with a total equity base of USD 300 million and a balance sheet of USD 600 million. This union has only strengthened the footholds of Incred Financial Services in the market and allowed the company to deliver world-class service. Moreover, Incred Finance can now look forward to capitalising and dominating India’s abundant credit industry. 

The company recorded a Return on Total Assets(ROTA) of 2.39% in FY23, with a net profit of Rs 121 crore compared to 36.12 crore in FY22.

How to apply for Incred Financial Services Unlisted Shares online?

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FAQ On Incred Financial Services Unlisted Shares

Buying and selling unlisted shares of Incred Financial Services is legally recognised in the Republic of India. To start trading, register on Stockify and make your first investment today.
Buying and selling Incred Financial Services unlisted shares is made dirt easy by Stockify. All you need to do is log in to Stockify or connect with the experts via our website, and they will guide you all along through your stock trading.
It is a private unlisted company, classified as a company limited by shares.
The company has got an A+ rating with a stable outlook. InCred Financial Services has a strong capitalization supported by a high-pedigree investor base.
There was news that the corporate finance company is in talks with pension and wealth funds to raise $150 billion for its expansion in other areas in the banking segment. Undoubtedly the future of InCred Financial Services Unlisted Shares is bright, but you will have to invest early for a huge profit.
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