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PNB Finance and Industrial Limited is a non-banking financial company that was first incorporated under Punjab National Bank Limited in 1894. Then the banking business was acquired by the Central Government of India, and the company’s name was changed to PNB Finance. The company later took its step toward the investment business and started trading shares, bonds, debentures and other securities. Soon after, in 1981, the company’s name was changed to PNB Finance and Industries Limited. Under the RBI (Reserve Bank Of India), the company became a non-banking financial company in 1998. 

Incorporation Details

CIN L65929DL1947PLC001240
Registration Date 19 May 1894

Sub Category Of Company

Company Limited By Shares

Non-govt Company


Registration Number

RoC- Delhi


Class Of Company Public
Company Age 75+ Years

PNB Finance and Industries Unlisted Share Price Overview

PNB Finance and Industries Limited has been majorly in finance for the last 75-plus years. Currently, the company is not engaged in any business operations. Besides, the surplus invests in low-risk instruments and trades at a massive PNB finance share price. The company neither holds nor accepts public deposits nor carries investment activities as a business operation. Mutual Funds make up the larger part of the investment portfolio of stock price PNB. The company recorded a massive revenue of Rs88,339 crore (US $11 billion) and a net income of Rs 3,676 crore (US $460 million) in 2022.

PNB Finance share price experienced a consolidated profit of Rs 11116.99 lakhs after the tax of the financial year 2021-22, out of which Rs 306.4 lakhs were related to subsidiary companies, and 27.43% of consolidated profit tax. Since the major earning of the stock price PNB is yielded through investment in debt mutual funds, the impact of the pandemic was comparatively lesser than the companies engaged in manufacturing, service and other industries.

(Rs in Lakhs)

Particulars Standalone Results Standalone results Considolated Results Consolidated Results
March 31, 2022 March 31, 2021 March 31, 2022 March 31, 2021
Total Income 1186.00 514.33 1516.56 712.88
Total Expenditure 199.23 133.09 203.08 137.43
Exceptional items interest realised on loans 
Profit/(loss) before tax 986.77 381.24 1358.48 575.45
Less: Current Tax 171.93 63.77 235.26 97.55
Deferred tax charge/ (credit) (0.75) (0.18) (0.81) (0.27)
Reversal of deferred tax liability of earlier year (0.24) (0.24)
Earlier year tax provision (net) 5.00 7.04 (0.06)
Profit/ (loss) after tax 810.59 317.89 1116.99 479.01

Why Buy PNB Finance and Industries Unlisted Shares?

PNB finance share price has not seen any significant downhill in previous years due to its prudent investment decisions. Considering the economic factor, the company is taking investment and redemption decisions even more guardedly to protect the investor’s share price PNB and the interest of the company’s stakeholders. Seeing all the efforts, the investors can be assured that their capital is not drowning and can freely invest in the stock price of PNB.

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(Figures In Lakh)

2021 712 576 80% 13284 >100% 32 10 14 315413 4.21%
2022 1561 1359 87% -5136 NA 32 10 NA 310671 NA

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